Thursday, June 25, 2009


Regular readers (if any) will know that I abhor bad spelling. Yes, everyone makes typos, so that's fine. Or if you're in a rush and misspell something, knowing it's wrong, but don't have the time to check how it's actually written - I'll let that slide, too.

What I hate is people who consistently spell a word improperly. My friend the DoctaCSG mentioned recently that he hates it when people write "congradulations". I agreed with him and then I open up Facebook and sure enough, someone else wrote "congrads". Congrads? Are you for real? Have you ever read a book? Does it even sound like there's a D in there?

That's just one of the words I hate seeing misspelled (misspelled itself often being misspelled with only 1 s). Another thing that often tricks people is "should've". I very often see people write "should of". Only morons write this. If you write "should of", then tah-dah! I got news for you. You're a moron. Think about what you write. Does "should of" make any sense? It's supposed to be a contraction of "should have". "Should of" is meaningless and merely serves to flaunt your illiteracy to the world at large. But if you write "should of", then chances are your friends are illiterate too so there's not much chance that they'll read your grievous error.

Lastly, why are people tricked up by "ridiculous"? I've often seen it written "rediculous". It's not even pronounced that way. Does anyone outside of a Southern stereotype pronounce it "ree-diculous"? No. It's rid-iculous. Say it right. Do you say "ridicule" or "ree-dicule"? Exactly.

In short, stop being a dolt. Read a book now and then that isn't written by Stephenie Meyer and learn a god damned thing or two about proper use of language.

**Rant over.


Jenny H. said...

haha...I'm bored at home so I'm reading your other posts as well. I'm sorta (haha yes that was on purpose) on the fence with this one...on the one hand I'm a teacher and have certain expectations in regards to spelling especially with work that is being handed in as a final project,etc. Yet, I myself tend to get lazy especially in email and any other form of online writing...I forget about punctuation and just write without really proofreading. I also tend to get lazy with homophones...I don't know why though??
I do however agree that congrads and should of (or also shoulda) are clear examples of people who truly don't realize this is NOT the correct spelling...other examples I've seen that really bug me include but are not limited to:

pregnate (as in "pregnant"...don't ask but this is a common one on forums dedicated to women like myself dealing with infertility)

gonna and sorta and I dunno, are things that I just can't seem to write even when trying to send a fast text message on my's too annoying for me!!!

there are many other examples and if you saw some of the work my students hand in using every abbreviation found on msn messenger you'd lose what little faith in youth you have left...haha

Jenny H. said...

oh and gotta!!! I hate that one

Vrej said...

Haha, that's funny because I do write the ones you gate, but only for effect. Sorta, gotta, things like that I commonly use.

Pregnate? Are you for real? I've NEVER seen that one. WOW!