Friday, July 10, 2009

The only victim is common sense

To glean some insight into this posting, I refer you to this article:

Surprise, someone got killed at the running of the bulls! What's more of a surprise to me is that more people aren't dispatched at this event. Put aside the inherent stupidity of such an event for a moment and let us concentrate on the use of the word "victim" in the article. My feeling is that if you're purposefully putting yourself in harm's way, and then that harm comes to you, then you're not a victim. You're a fool.

Let's see. Crowds of people. Angry bulls. Sharp horns. Yeah, what did you think would happen? Like I mentioned up top, I'm surprised more people aren't gored to death.

If I'm skydiving and my parachute doesn't open, I wouldn't consider myself a victim. If some lady is looking at herself in her mirror, while holding a cigarette in one hand and the wheel in the other (as I witnessed just yesterday), and gets into an accident, she's not a victim nor is that an accident. If that same lady kills someone in the accident, then the other party is a victim.

It's sad that this guy got killed but it was 100% preventable by anyone with any scruples. The only victim here is common sense.

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