Tuesday, September 22, 2009

You lost me at Facebook

I was reading an article today on CNN about how Nigerians were incensed at their portrayal in the (awesome) scifi movie District 9. Nigeria is demanding an apology etc etc blah blah whatever. Man, if I saw a movie where Armenians were evil people, I'd love the attention. Any publicity is good publicity! But I digress.

I was going to write a post about how sensitive everyone is now days when I noticed something in the article that is popping up with alarming regularity in recent times.

The depiction has sparked an outcry, including a Facebook group condemning its portrayal of Nigerians.

CNN saw fit to tell us that -GASP- a Facebook group denouncing something exists? Oh my god, then the complaint must be wholly legitimate! Prior to a Facebook group's creation, Nigerians' beef was totally immaterial but now hey watch out! A Facebook group will change everything.

In case you couldn't tell, I was being sarcastic. I'm not sure if the writers of these articles are even aware how stupid they sound. Hey Faith Karimi, next time you write a piece about anything other than Facebook, do not mention that a Facebook group exists. Anybody with two marbles shooting around in their skull will realize that writing something like that totally destroys whatever credibility the article was aiming for.

Do you even know how easy it is to make a Facebook group? In a matter of clicks and keystrokes, I could start a group warning people of the impending danger of super-grown Lyme ticks from the forests and how they'll rise up and enslave the human race. Just because there's a group out there, doesn't mean the argument has legitimacy.

For god's sake, in 2 seconds, I found this group on Facebook: "Protect Traditional South African Values: Reinstate Apartheid!" Seeing as how District 9 is a thinly veiled take on South Africa's institutionalized racism, why didn't Faith Karimi write an article about reinstating Apartheid and include this group as evidence that there's a push for it? There's a group for everything!

It makes me wonder about the state of journalism out there. It seems that anyone can get paid to write.

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