Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Post Halloween Post

We all love Halloween. As kids, it's a parent-approved way of loading up on sugar - unless your parents are complete squares, you know, the kind who would only let you watch CBC or something equally lame. As adults, we love Halloween because chocolates go on sale for 75% off normal price on November 1st and we get to go to Halloween parties.
It's been said plenty of times elsewhere and by funnier people than me that Halloween is the only time of year that gives ladies the chance to dress completely inappropriately and get away with it. That's all good and well and naturally, starting the next day, everyone's Halloween party photos start showing up everywhere, especially on Facebook as profile pics. But this leads me to my Complaint of the Month.
Those Halloween pics you thought were fun as a profile pic? They get old. Fast. The worst thing is people forget they put a picture of themselves as a sailor or nurse or cat or whatever and they leave that pic there for months on end, way past its best before date.
I urge people to swap our their Halloween pics from their Facebook profile no later than seven (7) days after Halloween itself.
Thank you for your understanding.

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