Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date!

Has this happened to you?
You make an appointment to meet someone and he's late. Upon arrival, he'll often give you a line like, "It's not my fault, I'm on (insert ethnicity here) time."

Have you noticed how every group claims tardiness as their own, as if it's some kind of proud badge to wear?

"I'm on black time."
"I'm on brown time."
"Chinese people are always late for everything."

Etc etc, I've heard them all and they're all bogus.

You want to know the truth? EVERYone is always late for EVERYthing. It has nothing to do with your background. It's human nature of some kind. Speaking as an oft-late person myself, missing appointments has to do with procrastination, lethargy and the (lack of) availability of correctly set clocks.

Anybody can be on time for anything, provided you try. But seeing as how not trying is easier than trying, I'm afraid tardiness will continue to be a pandemic for races the world over.


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Sharmycakes said...

People who perpetuate the stereotype if the tardy immigrant and tout their tardiness "as if it's some kind of proud badge to wear" irritate me!

It's just a very lame excuse for that person's lack of time-management and inconsideration. It may also be indicative of that person's borderline narcissism.

It's as if that person is saying: "Look at me! I'm so important that I made you wait. I also think you're as intelligent as an HB pencil, so I'll make a lame joke about this being a trait of my ethnic group. Ha-ha!").

This is certainly an example of what Sharmycakes considers a FAILCAKE.

Very good observation, Vrej.

The end.