Saturday, September 22, 2012

Passive Aggression

I popped out of the condo today for less than an hour and upon my return to the building, there was a car in my reserved spot. This irks me to no end. Back when I first moved in, this very thing would happen pretty frequently, as if there were a lineup of cars lurking just around the corner, waiting for me to vacate my space to pounce on the spot. Anyway, not only did the car disregard the many vacant "V" spots (V for visitor), but he (she?) also parked partway in the next space, depriving my neighbour of her space whenever she returns from her outing.

At first, I parked my car right behind the offensive automobile. I figured if he's inconveniencing me, I will return the favour. I would check on the cars periodically through the window, but after half an hour, I didn't see any commotion so instead I put my car in the visitor spot and left a message on the windshield. It said:
Next time, use the parking marked "V" Also, park between the lines. >:(

I wrote it in English and French. It's a shame I don't speak "idiot" because I'm sure the driver is fluent in that language. Three hours later, the car was still there, like a fat lady on a bus who takes two seats. Another hour after that, it was gone. I wish I could have seen what smug jerk haphazardly left his car there, and the look on his face when he saw my sign.