Thursday, September 12, 2013

People still read books, right?

I have been pretty remiss in my posting duties on this blog in recent times but I hope that will change in the coming months. Why, you may ask...or maybe not, I don't know. But I'll tell you anyway. Well, it's because I signed a contract with Champagne Book Group's BURST label (scifi and fantasy) to publish my debut novel, "The Predicates of Fate".

Yes, that's right! After many years of toil, I'm finally on the path to get my first book out the door. Just yesterday, I received my initial, pre-editor package. I need to help them come up with blurbs, cover art, etc. The target date for publication is April 2014. It's all very exciting.

So I hope anyone reading this keeps up with my progress and buys the books when it comes out. Watch this space as news develops and to get word on where and how to get the book.

I've already started preliminary work on my next story, which is kind of a genre crossover. It has elements of fantasy, scifi...I'm not quite sure how to define it. Tentative title: "Prometheus From the Sky". (I'm going for a very Star Trek:TOS-sounding vibe with the title.) I'm excited about this project, too!

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